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Harbour Lights Lighthouses are award winning hand painted and numbered lighthouse sculptures. As a dealer we carry just about all of the available Limited Editions and usually have a few retired on hand. We also stock the Great Lighthouses of the World Series (Glow), This Little Light of Mine,  and the accessory pieces. We offer fast service and are only a phone call away.

Harbour Lights presents a glimpse into the past with award winning hand-painted and numbered lighthouse sculptures.

Check out the history of the lighthouses.

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Cape Henlopen Delaware

*Definitions of Edition Types:

Limited Editions - only a specified number of replicas will ever be made from the original sculpture. Some lighthouses are available on a timed basis or may only be purchased through certain dealers. Once the edition is sold out to retail dealers, you may still be able to find them at a dealer for a time. Sea Shell Shop will list above whether we still have stock available. If you don't find what you are looking for here, Harbour Lights may be able to help you locate one through their 'Retired @ Retail' service.

Open Editions - Open Edition lighthouses, the edition number includes a letter. The letter indicates the year in which the lighthouse was manufactured with "A" assigned to the first year it was available. Each subsequent year's numbering increases the letter and restarts numbering at 1. An edition number of "A542" would mean the 542nd item in the first year of production. Often referred to as a Serial Number.

Edition Size - The quantity which will be or were made in the case of limited edition lighthouses. In the case of most limited editions, the edition size is printed on the flag. (See photo by Artist's Proof.) Some lighthouses do not reach their full edition size due to an error, variation, or early retirement.

About the Flag - The part of the sculpture with the engraved name of the lighthouse, edition number and edition size. Named for its flag-like shape. About flag modifications.

Glow - Great Lighthouses of the World - Harbour Lights' trademarked name for open edition lighthouses. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of GLOW lighthouses is donated to the historic or preservation society responsible for that lighthouse's maintenance.

Certificate of Authenticity - (or Certificate) - The small folded document shipped with each lighthouse stating it is an authentic replica of the real lighthouse. In the case of limited edition lighthouses, the certificate states the edition size, but is not serially numbered. Replacement certificates are available from Harbour Lights.



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