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A FREE Seahorse is given with every Harbour Lights Lighthouse purchased!
Look for the tiny seahorse on every lighthouse piece. Some really are hidden but they are there. The scientific name is Hippocampus Hudsonius but the seahorse doesn't know that. He thinks his name is just Mr. Seahorse

Seahorse? What Seahorse?

The owner of Harbour Lights Bill Younger officially denies there are hidden seahorses that have sneaked their way into each and every Harbour Lights lighthouse. But the rumors persist. There has even been some purported USS - Unsubstantiated Seahorse Sightings, but we believe those who say they've experienced the USS phenomena have little photographic proof.

We are still in denial at this stage, but a number of collectors have insisted they know where most of the 'seahorses' are located, so being the friendly people we are at Harbour Lights, we've turned this page over to those who believe in the Seahorse Story. We'll stay with Bill's "Seahorses? What seahorses?" official statement.

U.S.S.S.A. - Unidentified Seahorse Sightings Society of America

Dear Fellow Harbour Lights Collectors:
The U.S.S.S.A. could bring you the real proof that seahorses actually do live among our Harbour Lights lighthouses. Surely you've seen at least ONE of these alien creatures in your collection! Our U.S.S.S.A. members have found a Seahorse on every lighthouse. (We KNOW that there IS a Seahorse on EVERY ONE, despite the denials of Mr. Bill 'X-Files' Younger!)

Almost every lighthouse seahorse has been spotted. Now even the elusive seahorse has been found on the Macquarie lighthouse too. We even have photographic proof of some of the little aqua-equines. Just click on the name of the lighthouse to see the evidence from the files of the U.S.S.S.A. on Harbour Lights.com pages.


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